Organic Cotton Face Cloth

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We all know there is no proper skincare routine without a great face cloth. We put a lot of thought into ours so that your experience with our products is as pleasant as possible.

This face cloth is incredibly soft and it softens even more after washing. It is handmade in small batches from unbleached organic cotton flannel. It is double-sided for extra fluff and pampering.


1. Before applying a cleanser or a face mask, run the face cloth under hot water and then place on your face to open up the pores. This will make our skincare products more effective.

2. When rinsing off our cleanser, wet the cloth with hot water again. This will remove the product very easily.

3. This face cloth can also be used for your makeup removal routine. Wet it with hot water, then apply a couple of drops of our 100% Organic Makeup Remover either on the cloth or massage the oil directly into the skin. The warm cloth will effectively remove your makeup, leaving your skin clean and moisturised.

4. After you use this face cloth to remove your mascara, pre-wash it with a bar of soap and put it in the washing machine - it will ensure your cloth retains its colour for longer.

CARE: Wash at 30°C and do not tumble dry. It may shrink slightly after the first wash but it will get even softer!